Enrollment Fee:  $700

These are annual fees that must be paid during the time of registration, for the upcoming school year.

Re-enrollment for present students begins in January. Registration for the public will begin following our Open House in March. 


Annual Tuition: $6,500

Payment options include:  

One annual payment of $6,300, due August 1st

10 monthly payments of $630 per child, from August to May

12 monthly payments of $525 per child, from June to May

Additional Fees

Testing Fees:  $100.00 K-8th students are required to take the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) in September and in March.

Field Trips:  Your child will take part in several exciting field trips through the school year, centered around the curriculum, to provide relevant educational opportunities to enhance their learning experience. Total cost estimate strives to be less than $200 per child.

Science Fair Materials Fee:  $10.00

Kindergarten Graduation:  $26.00 Cap and gown fee (subject to change)

Tuition and Fees